I'm Jasmine. I’m a mother. I’m a witch. I’m a wife. I’m an aspiring shepherdess.  I weave and play with yarn under the midnight sun and the midday moon here in Interior Alaska. I drink entirely too much coffee and can never have enough wool.

14 Mile Farm is our small holding in the middle of the boreal forest 20 miles north of Fairbanks Alaska on unceded traditional territory of the Lower Tanana Dene people or Tth’itu’Xwt’ana.


The Studio

I work from home, most often with a baby on my back and toddler hands “helping” me in my tasks. One half of our upstairs is dedicated to looms and yarn and wool and dyes. More wool and spindles and spinning wheel and knitting needles spill into the rest of the house.

I’ve been weaving since 2007. My first formal training in weaving was under the tutelage of a traditional Navajo weaver; returning home after that experience I immediately signed up for floor loom classes here locally with the Fairbanks Weavers and Spinner’s Guild and I’ve never really looked back. I lived for a few years in a one room cabin with my now-husband, our husky, and my 8 shaft loom taking up nearly a quarter of our floor space!

Weaving is to me so much more than the meticulous and challenging craft with ever-more to learn, it is more than the artistic and imaginative playground of color and fiber and draft and the million ways they intersect. It is more even than Art (with a capital A, lol). I came to weaving long before I came to babywearing. Weaving, to me, is very much a microcosmic expression of the whole glorious mysterious too-large-to-comprehend macrocosm that we live in. Weaving is intertwined with Fate and Grace and the 'fabric of the universe" in a myriad of mythologies - Navajo and Nordic come first to mind. By ordering and care-taking and expressing that which is beautiful, by engaging mindfully with the interlacement of threads, by approaching the loom as an act of magic, in tending the reflection of the universe on a small scale I am tending the reflection of the universe on a large scale. In that way, weaving is very much a part of my spiritual practice.

It is a huge added bonus that the babywearing pieces which come off of my loom for Cauldron & Cloth get to fly out into the world and support the precious bond between caregiver and child, and to comfort those newly emerged from the chrysalis of pregnancy into parenthood when the days and moments are rough and painful, and celebrate with them when the days and moments are ecstatic or merely smooth.