This is a Draw for Right to Purchase.  By entering this draw you agree, should you win, to pay an invoice in the amount indicated (plus shipping and insurance) promptly within 24 hours of notification

To enter the draw, read The Small Print, fill out the form below and click submit! 

You may enter the drawing ONCE for EACH item you wish to purchase.  Please be sure to specify what item you are entering for each time you submit the form.  If the same person is drawn for multiple items, I will contact that person before announcing winners; that person will have the choice of any or all items for which they were drawn, if the winner declines any item(s) I will re-draw for the declined item(s). 

If you are entering on behalf of a friend, please be sure to enter their name AND their PayPal address correctly.

Winner will be randomly selected.  Good luck! 

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Should I purchase this wrap (or other handwoven item), I hereby accept all liability for its use or misuse. I hereby indemnify and hold harmless Jasmine Johnson-Kennedy and 14 Mile Farm of liability for any and all risk of damage and/or injury resulting from the use of this wrap (or other handwoven item).
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